Hungary and Cambodia open each embassy in their capitals in 2021

Last year 2019, Hungary and Cambodia agreed to reopen their embassies in both Budapest and Phnom Penh, in 2021, celebrating the 65th anniversary of the two countries’ diplomatic relations.

The diplomatic relations of Hungary and Cambodia had formed in 1965, however, it was interrupted in 1975 by the fall of Phnom Penh by the Khmer Rouge. After the collapse of the Khmer Rouge regime in 1979, two countries have renewed diplomatic relations and Hungary supported Cambodia to build peace, political stability and development.

Prime Minister Hun Sen said that although the two countries had previously closed embassies in their respective countries, the premier wants to reopen the embassy in order to strengthen the relations and expand comprehensive cooperation on all sectors in both bilateral and multilateral frameworks.

According to Hungary’s foreign affairs press, Péter Szijjártó of Hungarian Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade said “Our politicians are working to create opportunities for tightening business relations”