COVID-19 Test kit, made in Vietnam, has been certificated by EU and WHO

After five rounds of rigorous quality testing and evaluation, the World Health Organization (WHO) has recognized that Vietnam’s COVID-19 test kit meets WHO quality standards.

Previously, COVID-19 test kits passed European standards and received CE certification and Certificate of Free Sale (CFS), which allows test kits to be sold at European, including the UK.

The test kits were produced by the Vietnam Military Medical Academy and the Viet A Technology Corporation.

Manufacturer has been supplying 10,000 tests per day and commit triple its production for international aid or to meet domestic and export demands.

In March, more than 20 countries offering to buy this test kits and the manufacturer has sent the first test kits to oversea. A number of test kits will be sent to Italy, where the most severe outbreak of COVID-19 in Europe.